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 Taka Clan [WIP]

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PostSubject: Taka Clan [WIP]   Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:59 pm

Name: Taka

Kekkei Genkai:

Name: Falcon's Eye
Rank: E-S
E - 2x
D - 4x
C - 6x
B - 8x
A - 10x
S - 12x
Type: DouJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: By focusing chakra into their eyes members of the clan changes their eye to take on properties of a falcon. The user's eye turns a color (different for every member). In the middle of the eye appears a slit going down in a verticle way. This allows the user's vision to be enhanced by 12 times that of a regular human. This allows the user to see every last detail.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Falcon Communication
Rank: E
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: Allows the user to understand falcons and for the falcons speak back.

Name: Falcon's Transportation
Rank: D
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: Allows the user to glide for a short amount of time. Can be useful for taking long jumps or making quick escapes.

Name: Falcon Summoning
Rank: E-S
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: Can summon falcons to aid in battle or to ride on. Falcons range in size and amount of chakra needed.

Name: Falcon Clones
Rank: C
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: The user summons little falcons after performing the summoning jutsu. As the smoke lifts the falcons turn into copies of the user. When struck the falcons can disperse and attack the enemy or just prove as a distraction.

Name: Falcon's Escape
Rank: C
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: The user summons a flock of falcons. As the falcons rise the user changes into one. Among the flock the user can slip away unnoticed.

Name: Beak Peck Mimication
Rank: C
Type: NinJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: The user sets up his fingers and hits the opponent in the chest multiple times. The hits are made to mimic how a peck of a falcon would feel.

Name: Falcon's Rage
Rank: C
Type: GenJutsu
Element: None-Elemented
Description: The user either makes eye contact with the target or gets the target to look at the users hands. The target thinks that there is a huge flock of falcons. The falcons charge at the target pecking and cutting him in multiple places. when a falcon is hit it splits into two.

Name: Ikazuchi-Dangan "Thunder-Shot"
Rank: S
Type: NinJutsu
Element: Raiton
Description: Same as the advanced version only it fires 1 shot instead of several.

Name: Fukusuu-Ikazuchi-Dangan "Multiple Thunder-Shot"
Rank: S
Type: NinJutsu
Element: Raiton
Description: The user uses they're Modified Taka eyes to summon a strong thunder storm. Once it has formed, the user takes the stance of a 124 palm strike and closes they're eyes, the next second, a lightning bolt strikes them, creating a ring shaped hole around the user and sending a small earthquake through the ground. The user then uses they're chakra to absorb the raw lightning into they're bodies, once it has been absorbed, the user splits up the lightning so that it is in several sections. Once its separated, movement for the user becomes extremely limited. Once the user has it split up enough, they are able to shoot the lightning out of they're hands/fingers. Since the lightning is raw and not chakra based, it is stronger, and faster than artificial lightning like Chidori. This, is also the draw back to the jutsu, for the lightning is completely raw and untamed, thus meaning that the jutsu can kill you at any time.

History: The Taka clan are all slender people. There havnt been any known members to be overweight. Members are born with any color hair but most are born with black. The clan prefers for all members to wear black but are not forced to. The clan is ruled by a master summoner that is capable of summoning the Falcon King. All members sign the Falcon scroll when they are younger but none are allowed to summon the Falcon King unless they are the Master Summoner. The King wouldnt even assist you if you did.

Members sign the contract when they are young maybe ages 8-10. All members have a different falcon. They first summon them when they are 11 or 12. In the years after that they bond and grow with each other.

Most people don’t know is that the anatomy of these people is much different than that of the most people. The entire bone structure, in a since, is HOLLOW, exactly like that of a birds. Most would think that this would be a disadvantage, and the reason is simple. If bones are hollow they are much easier to break. But the falcon clan's body again has a different body makeup. The chakra system is mostly centered around the human’s circulatory system, and there are in fact so close together that they are mostly one in the same. The falcon clan’s chakra system is focused around the SKELETAL system, and wraps around the bones to strengthen them. With this, there bones are just as strong as any other persons since chakra is CONSTANTLY flowing through them. And remember, birds have hollow bones to make them lighter, thus more agile and making it easier to fly. Of course humans cant fly, but with there hollow bones there are faster and more agile than your average human.
Not only that, but there bloodline trait helps them see with the eyes of a falcon...literally. There eyes will change to a unique color (The color differs from person to person, its unknown why) , with a slit going down the middle in a vertical direction and there vision is enhanced by 50 times. This helps the mind stay focused and see past deception this in turn uses chakra constantly, just as the Byakugan (did I spell that right?) or sharingan does. But they also have another function, just as the Sharingan, once their eyes have reached a certain point of experience, they are able to be used to predict someones movement.

Clan Symbol:
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PostSubject: Re: Taka Clan [WIP]   Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:27 pm

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Taka Clan [WIP]
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