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 Monitor Summoning (Finished)

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PostSubject: Monitor Summoning (Finished)   Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:49 am

Name: Monitor Summoning Contract
Physical Description:
Monitors are monstrously large lizards. Naturally occurring Monitors range from 12 centimeters to 12 feet long. The Monitors of Oumono Eki vary much more significantly. The group is comprised of thousands of individuals ranging from average Monitors found throughout the world to the monstrous guardians of the Oumono Eki Country that have been mistaken by travellers and adventurers as Dragons. These creatures can live for upwards of a hundred years, and never stop growing. Tokagemono, the Monitor King, Is as large as Manda was. Monitors all have powerful bodies and tails, easily capable of thrashing and crushing. Their jaws are extremely powerful, lined with razor sharp teeth and often armed with venom. The most powerful reptiles known, these lizards are notorious predators, each one extremely strong and swift. As a reference, human sized monitors can run roughly twice as quickly as a human being. The Summoning contract is a rather ordinary scroll with the contract written inside.

Summon Requirements: The Summoner must sign the contract in blood.

Species: A Range of Monitors

Rank: C-S

After the assassination of the thief Sakumo in Iga, Geretsu's curiosity lead him back north. He sought to explore the wild country that Sakumo had tried to escape into. He took a horse with him, but the beast was soon dead from the harsh conditions of the desert beyond the mountains of Iga. Geretsu survived by employing the survival skills that he had learned in ANBU training.

Soon after, as the desert's end came into sight, Geretsu began to notice motion in the sands around him. He pressed on, ever wary, as the sands began to churn around him more and more. The desert ended in a sheer cliff face, rising almost out of sight. A single, narrow path lead through the middle of it. It was here that the monitor guardians showed themselves.

Rising from the sand, the 15 foot tall, 50 foot long monstrosities rose from the sand, one blocking the path, and three flanking Geretsu, blocking any escape. They had feathery manes covering their necks, brilliant as a flame, giving them the appearance of reptilian lions...dragons. They attacked with speed, ferocity, and a high level of coordination. Geretsu immediately spotted their predatory intelligence.

He fought them to a stalemate, receiving injury from their large claws and thrashing tails on three separate occasions. He survived but for his sharingan ability. Due to their overwhelming size, his sword had very little effect on them. The fighting stopped, and the four guardians once again had him surrounded. Four more rose from the sand, joining their brethren. One spoke in a guttural tongue that Geretsu did not understand at all. After a moment it spoke in a clear voice.

"You trespass here you understand?"

Geretsu nodded. "I understand. I mean no harm..."

"We cannot allow you to leave here lightly. You will come with us and surrender your weapons."

Geretsu handed over his weapons and the Dragon Guardians began disappearing, one by one, into the sand until only one was left. This was the one that had spoken before, and it now spoke again.

"You will lead...I will follow..."

It motioned its large head towards the path through the rocky cliff. Geretsu moved forward with the massive lizard following him, its tail making a slithering sound across the sand. The sand soon turned to grass, and after a while Geretsu found himself looking over a lush valley opening into a sprawling country, all viewable from the mountain that he stood on.

"You will descend, and walk straight through the green giants to the blue eye that you see there...eyes will be on you, but you will not be accosted unless your actions tender you understand?"

Geretsu began walking towards the lake that the monster had indicated, nodding his understanding. When he looked backward, the massive beast was gone, as though it had dissolved into the earth. Geretsu made his way down through the rain forest, occasionally seeing a set of yellow or black eyes through the green. After a while he arrived at the lake. What he saw next would have amazed him if such was his temperament.

The surface of the lake was calm, undisturbed by even an insect. Then a rumbling came. Out of the lake rose a massive head, appearing as an Island in the middle of the azure water. The eyes of the Monitor King fell upon Geretsu. The giant lizard spoke, its voice slow and deliberate, a strange hiss that shook the ground and churned the air.

"I am Tokagemono, born of Chiakuma, Dragon Guardian of the Valley, Lizard Monarch before me, whose line shall continue long after my bones have turned to dust. Who are you that comes to Oumono Eki?"

Geretsu had introduced himself to the larger than life reptile. and relayed how he had come to be there. Due to the formality of the king and the manners of Geretsu, the conversation went on for several hours, much to the Tokagemono's pleasure. After a long while the King changed the subject.

"It is not often that we are visited by an outsider. They seldom survive their encounter with my sons at the gate. My children are intrigued by your skill, and I by your manner...I would forge with you an accord Uchiha Geretsu, Son of Honda and Inami...I would welcome you and yours into my court, drawing out of antiquity the blood contract of familiar binding. The ancients would smile upon such an agreement. In exchange for my favor and the service of my children, I would have you come visit me every four years to have a conversation such as we have just had. Will you find this agreeable?"

The massive Monitor had Geretsu write out a contract and sign it in blood. He then called upon one of his monstrous sons, the Dragon Guard who had escorted Geretsu, to place the blood of his line upon the contract. The agreement was made, and the scroll left with Geretsu. Geretsu stayed in Oumono Eki for three months, living amongst the Monitors, earning their trust and respect before returning to Iga.

Special Characteristics: Monitor's are exceptionally fast and strong fighters. Most of them are poisonous. They have a wide range of skills, including full combat, travel and movement, aquatic maneuvers, and hunting and predation. Being lizards, their sense of sight is suited towards predation, as is their olfactory sense. They have thickly scaled skin for defense and no natural predators.

Elemental Affinity: All monitors have the Suiton affinity, the Doton affinity, or both.

Clan: Not clan specific

Jutsu List

Name: Kuchiyose- Normal Monitor
Rank: C
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- none
Description- These are shinobi monitors in training. They can talk and practice basic taijutsu. These monitors range from 12 centimeters to 12 feet long and can be used for various purposes.

Name: Kuchiyose- Water Monitor
Rank: B
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- Suiton
Description- The user summons a team of up to three Water monitors that are especially skilled at aquatic maneuvers. They are not poisonous, but their claws and teeth are razor sharp. They can easily outmaneuver the best of human swimmers, and can remain submerged for up to half an hour. Each one can use the Water bullet jutsu and water wall jutsu. These are the smallest of the warrior monitors, on average the size of large wolves. They have long, slender tails.

Name: Kuchiyose- Land monitors
Rank: B
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- Doton
Description- The user summons a team of up to three Land monitors that are especially skilled at terrestrial maneuvers. These large monitors are about the size of brown bears. They have short tails and powerful limbs used for sprinting and leaping. They have a venomous bite that will kill a human being in about 6 hours should the person escape death at their hands. Each one can use the groundhog technique and create small but powerful earth walls for defense.

Name: Kuchiyose- Basking in the Sun Technique
Rank: B-A
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- none
Description- Summoning either a Land Monitor or one of the Dragon Guardians into a position above a person or object, the Shinobi uses the tremendous weight and girth of the Monitor to crush said person or object. The lizard can thrash about to cause more damage.

Name: Kuchiyose- Dragon Guard Summoning Technique
Rank: A
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- Doton and Suiton
Description- The user summons one of the massive guardians of the Oumono Country to aid him in battle. At 15 feet tall and 50 feet long, these massive Monitors weigh up to Eight tons. They are extremely swift runners, easily running down Shinobi or men on horseback, and are almost supernaturally agile, able to scale walls using chakra and to leap long distances. As swimmers they can travel faster than even the Water Monitors. Their tails and claws are extremely dangerous, and their bite toxic, killing anyone bitten within 6 hours. They are adept with Suiton and Doton techniques. Their suiton techniques include water bullet, water wall, and bursting collision waves. Their doton skills include the groundhog technique, full fledged earth walls, and the earth revolving split technique.

Name: Kuchiyose- Tokage
Rank: S
Type: Kuchiyose (Summoning Technique)
Elemental Affinity- Doton and Suiton
Description- At over 200 feet tall and 500 feet long, Tokage is one of the most massive living beings on the planet. With all of the abilities of the Dragon Guards scaled up to to monumental proportions, he is an extremely dangerous combatant. However, as the Monitor King, he does not take kindly to being summoned. It would take extraordinary circumstances to make him fight.

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PostSubject: Re: Monitor Summoning (Finished)   Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:04 am

Moved to correct section.

P.S. Use the correct template:

[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[b]Summon Requirements:[/b]
[b]Rank:[/b] [This usualy relates to its skill level and/or size]
[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]
[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b]

[u][b]Jutsu List[/b][/u]
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PostSubject: Re: Monitor Summoning (Finished)   Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:07 am

Sorry. I thought that the profile for the summons would be different from that actual jutsu used to summon them. My apologies.
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PostSubject: Re: Monitor Summoning (Finished)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:04 am

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PostSubject: Re: Monitor Summoning (Finished)   

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Monitor Summoning (Finished)
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