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 Soumei Clan

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PostSubject: Soumei Clan   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:27 am

Name: Soumei

Kekkei Genka:

Blood Line Limits (What all clan members are capable of):

Name: Born of the Ocean
Description: Being naturally in tune with the waters and their sea goddess, members of the Soumei clan are always born with water as their primary element. They've become so naturally in tune with this element in fact, all members of the clan have a 30% boost in power to their water element techniques and can learn water jutsu as if they were a rank higher. Stops them from learning any other summoning contract other than one to their goddess of the ocean. This ability can also be described as the basic function of this Special Ability as it also grants them the ability to breathe while underwater, functions of their fish species, and even enhances their speed while in the water. Due to this though members of the clan are unable to gain the fire element.

E-D Rank: 20% Speed boost while in water
C-B Rank: 50% Speed boost while in water
A-S Rank: 100% Speed boost while in water

Name: Living Creation
Requirements: At least D rank.
Description: As a member of the clan begins to grow and become stronger so does the chakra flowing through their body. Due to unknown reasons and the curse placed on them, since birth they have a small creature feeding of this chakra and growing from their body. After it has eaten its fair share of energy from the host it will begin to grow from their bodies in a shape and form of its own and bud from a spot on the users body. It will usually come out in the appearance of a weapon of some kind that's based on its creator's some way and have a mind and personality of its own though faithful only to its creator. As its wielder begins to get stronger from this point on so will the weapon and it will begin to increase its abilities and strength. These weapons can have a variety of powers though a common feature all Soumei clan created weapons have is the ability to absorb chakra from its foes. The strength of this chakra draining ability varies between weapons and what other powers they take on though.


Name: Predators
Description:The predator family is one of the subgroups of the clan and are usually the fiercest, meanest, and toughest. Fish species of this group include sharks, piranha, barracuda, orca, and any other fierce ocean predator. Members of this group have incredibly strong and thick bodies with the large amounts of chakra running through their bodies. Their hide is usually thick and resistant and their teeth and nails are insanely powerful with the strength of steel itself. Most members of this family are fierce and confrontational as they are used to fights back in the family. They also seems to have little hesitance to kill due to the training in hunting since the time of birth. Their hunts usually included marine life though they would occasionally go on land and attack other people if fish became scarce. As such, this family has gained somewhat of a bad name for itself.

Members of this family are blessed with +20% strength and +30% chakra pool if they have ninjutsu as a specialty and the opposite if they choose taijutsu as their specialty, though genjutsu affect them as if it were a rank higher.

Name: Venom
Description:This family of the clan usually have more contact with the outside world and overall a bit more sociable. The reason for this increased contact is the fact that the members of this family are poisonous sea creatures and as such they can create powerful poisons from their own body, though they have learned to also use these poisons as medicine and to fight against foreign substances in the body. As such they usually sell these tings to the outside world and make a fine profit off of that. Most of this family study in medicine. They usually have more common human features though usually can't touch others without spreading their venom. Fish species of this family often include lion fish, stone fish, and even some species of jellyfish and other venomous marine life. They lack the strength and durability of the predator family, but make up for it in other ways.

Members of this family are blessed with the ability to spread a toxin into a person of their choosing three times per thread. The toxin is equal in effect to their opponent by the user's rank and despite being called toxic it can also be used to fight other poisons and foreign substances in the user's body or someone else's. These poisons however do not affect another person of this sub family.

Name: Bottom Dwellers
Description:Members of this family have lived secluded from other families of the clan and down in the deepest and darkest depths of the waters where light is no longer visible. As such they are more quiet and reclusive than most other people and choose to live this way. Due to the time spent in the dark for nearly most of their lives they have heightened their senses and even mastered genjutsu illusions while trying to avoid impending insanity while hiding in the pitch black darkness. Members of this group can often vary though do include species such as anglerfish, frogfish, and etc. Many of these creatures also have lures extending from their foreheads that flash and can be used as a focus for their genjutsu.

Members of this family are blessed with a 20% chakra reduction when using genjutsu and the strength of their genjutsu is one rank stronger.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Members of the Gagyouyaiba clan are usually encouraged to make their own custom jutsu (meaning they don't require permission to create, just a heads up that you are making one)
There are some clan jutsu that have been used and set in place over the years however.

Name: Water Hit Jutsu
Rank: C-A
Description: Every time you swing your main weapon you make a water clone of the exact weapon. The clone hits first instead of the weapon. The point of this is extra damage. Like first you’re getting hit with water that is the same weight, size, sharpness, and power as the real weapon, then the real weapon hits you just as hard as the clone. This is learned as C rank fist and when it is learned the first time it isn’t as strong as the real weapon. Then the second time the clone is just like the weapon. Then the third time the clone is stronger than the weapon.

Name: Suiton: Dai Bakusui Shoha (Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave )
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Requirements: Soumei member
Description: This move is pretty similar to the original Baksui Shoha in that the user will expel a huge crushing wave of water from their mouth that will cover an enormous area. The only real difference between the two being that this jutsu creates the water in a large dome. This jutsu may also be used however to turn an already existing body of water into a dome shape in order to conserve chakra. The reasoning for the dome shape and the way this jutsu is setup is that the crashing waves of the water make it difficult for the enemy to surface themselves while being slammed by the currents and the dome makes it even more difficult to make it to the surface.

History: Centuries and centuries ago, before the appearance of even the Rikudo Sennin the land mass upon the water that is known today as the Water Country was nothing but a simple place that exported sea creatures and a bit of agriculture. Overall, it was mainly a fishing harbor. One thing that remained common throughout this land though was their one and true religion to a goddess that most believed resided somewhere in the ocean of their land. Every year they would pray to her and offer 20% of their annual gains to her for several blessings. These blessings included a good year for fishing, protection from other areas as their land was weak and had no real form of military, and lastly so that she did not flood and destroy their land. Everyone was happy with this style of life and things moved on peacefully for a while.

Though one year the fishing had been horrible and they began to make less and less income for the village. They fell into poverty and their land was even raided. As such the offering to their goddess this year was less than pleasing to her and in fact, it even enraged the usual peaceful and docile being. Over the next week the villagers began to notice the tide rising and everyday the ocean would creep higher and higher up the shores. Storms were coming in from the north and the people all began to evacuate the area. All but few, around 50 or so men and women along with their families stayed on the land. They had faith that their goddess would bring no harm to their land and would give them time to recover from their recent decline. In a few days time the storm had finally hit the land and houses and trees were flying around and snapping like twigs in the fury. An enormous tsunami crashed down upon the village and all had been destroyed and submerged in her wake, even those who attempted to escape.

The goddess looked down upon those who had stayed and kept faith in her with sympathetic and pleasured eyes. For these people she revived them and granted them incredible power in the form of control over the water element and limited use of ninjutsu, a portion of her own powers. Though at this time it was unknown to be ninja technique. These people the remained helped restore their lands and continued the old system of living they had before the disaster. Some attempted to master these new powers granted to them, though most were contempt that they had been given by their saviour. Over time people began to return to the village, though things were not the same.

These new foreigners did not want have anything to do with worshiping this goddess of water and rather amass the village's power and income. Once again the godess had been enraged by people's ignorance and threatened to destroy the land again, this time for good. Though unexpectedly she had been stopped by the people she saved before and granted power to. They fought back and protected the new people and their homes. She was surprised by this. They were supposed to be her trusted and faithful, yet now they bet the hand that fed them life and power? The fighters had managed to weaken her in their battle and as such she cursed these individuals before leaving the Land of Water. The curse she placed on them was turning these individuals into fish like creatures. They had a human structure but now with fish like features. When these individuals returned to the land they saved no one recognized them and they were shunned and even attacked as servants of the Water Goddess that tried to kill them. As such, these individuals have lived in the waters since then in secrecy. Even now in the time of shinobi most still do not know much of their clan. At the current time, the clan has split into different groups and subclans based on fish species and other characteristics.

Clan Symbol:--

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PostSubject: Re: Soumei Clan   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:30 am

Well, i think this is a good app, i approve but wait for another admin to approve
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PostSubject: Re: Soumei Clan   Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:33 am

Looks good to me.


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PostSubject: Re: Soumei Clan   

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Soumei Clan
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