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 Jasui [Anbu Captain] [CHECKAMOONDO!!! FINALLY DONE]

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PostSubject: Jasui [Anbu Captain] [CHECKAMOONDO!!! FINALLY DONE]   Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:37 pm

Name: Jasui
Nickname: Captain, "The Ghost of the Hidden Leaf", Wolf or Ookami
Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 22
Chinese Zodiac: Gemini
Clan: Zetsu

Looks: Jasui has many odd but important characteristics of himself that makes him "tick". Jasui has very defined features, that are covered by other things at times. Jasui's basic body features are composed of; a height of 5'11'' about 150 pounds with a light muscular build. spikey green hair, golden eyes, on his right side he only had an iris, no pupil, which is different from his left side, which has a pupil. On the left side of himself he has a black covering of his body that ends at the waist, and both his legs are white. His fly trap extensions are never shown in there full form, always absorbed into his body. Also completing his under image of his body, is his black anbu tattoo on his right arm.

On top of his body, he wears a tight no sleeve black shirt, and black pants with his kunai holster tied to his right thigh. Over his sleeveless black t shirt he has a anbu vest/protector that covers his front and back and lower sides but only goes a little past his chest and his held onto the back by two straps. He also wears arm guards that go to an inch under his elbow over his long black gloves with a metal headband like plate on each hand.

Over all this he wears a white cloak most of the time that marks him as the anbu captain, that is zipped up and also has a hood, he has a konoha headband in which he wears a mask over it that has 5 green spikes coming from the bottom to the middle of the mask. The hood over his head, only able to be seen is his hand protectors, his black ninja sandals on his feet, his black socks, and his green hair that peaks out.

Also on missions when not wearing the cloak Jasui wears a 3 foot long katana.

Personality: Jasui is, in one word, ominous. He can't really be quiet figured out. He has learned to control his two basic personality's able to think with both sides, and than talk, so instead of being like two other people, he tends to act in unison as one person, sometimes he may talk out loud with both sides of himself, but he usually waits to speak sharing both his opinions in his head. Even though some may think of him as weird at first glance without his mask, others when getting to know him and looking at him from a shinobi, and a friend's standpoint, tend to get to know him better. He can be funny, wise, charming, and overall, a great and powerful shinobi, all at the same time. Cautious, but is ready to jump into familiar things.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Zetsu
Kekkei Genkai:
Clan Symbol: N/A
Clan History:

Rank Information
Rank: S rank Anbu Captain
Village: Konohagakure

Skill Information
Skill Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Fuuinjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning
Special Characteristics: Has a better viewpoint than most ninja do to his ability to analyze details easily, and his split personality with two opinions.

Secret Clan Jutsu:
All of these jutsu can be performed by the white half, black half, and the whole user.

Anbu Jutsu:

Basic Ninjutsu:


Katon Jutsu:

Raiton Jutsu:

Name: Anbu Katana
Appearance: A three foot long small katana that is stored on an anbu's back in a 2 foot long case.
Rank: D
Special Abilities: None
Origin: Dispatched to all anbu members.

Name: Scroll
Appearance: A normal scroll used for fuuinjutsu; this scroll is 6 inches tall and 3 inches in width. He usually carries 5 scrolls in a pouch normally during battles.
Rank: D
Special Abilities: Inside the container is chakra infused snow an amount in total of 20 feet of snow, and the container can be opened as the snow comes out of the container, through control over the snow, and can be used for jutsu and other things.
He got the scrolls at genin rank.

History and Roleplay Sample
Childhood Arc:
When he was born, it really wasn't a proud, but it wasn't a horrible moment either. When he was born, he was not born with flytrap extensions, his father, had no clue of the fact that he carried the trait for a zetsu child, do to the fact he was given up at birth and put into an orphanage(later becoming an academy student and all the way up to an anbu captain himself). His father met Jasui's mother and fell in love, they bore a baby, and, this baby, was Jasui, a half white, half black baby, this baby was, at the hospital, a major shock, immediatly being taken away from the mother and put into the maternity wing to be examined. After all this, the hokage himself came to see the commotion, noticing the identifying chakracteristics, the hokage new he was a zetsu. Though for the hokage trust in the father, the captain of the anbu black ops, the hokage allowed for them to live a normal life until the child was 7...

Training Arc:
When he was 7 Jasui, after have grown his flytrap extensions, being shielded off from all the basic world so he was not made fun of. Because he was shielded off from all outside contact, he was taught all basic academy jutsu from his father. Though, at this age, one day, one normal saturday, there was a knock at the door. At the door was a group of anbu, when his father went to tell them he was off today, these men had told him they don't need him, but they need his son. After some discussion, and Jasui peeking from the corner down the hall, his father yelled for him, Jasui joined his father, and than his father said for 7 yr old Jasui to go with them, and that Jasui would be back by supper. Jasui knew his dad was telling the truth, and trusted these anbu, and went along with these people.

Some time later, Jasui arrived, being at the hokage building, the anbu took back roots to make sure Jasui was not seen, and when he arrived he soon realized why he was there for sure, the hokage, stood before him, Jasui was in his chambers. The hokage turned, small notes of age growing upon him were shown but this guy didn't want to show it, it seemed. The man than spoke to Jasui. "I have been heard your father about your progress, so far you have learned all academy ninjutsu, and all the necessary ninja skills... I think it is time to teach you things a little outside the box of any normal ninja" The hokage did not pause, he withdrew something from the drawer, but kept talking. "This right here is a scroll, as scroll brought here from your relatives, having all zetsu techniques on here, I would like you too study them, tell me what you learn, and.. when you learn all jutsu up to C rank, I will send for you." The hokage was finished. "Thank you for coming." The hokage turned around and stared out the window, and Jasui left, the anbu brought him home, and he got straight to training.

Genin Arc:
Jasui trained, and trained these jutsu, using the secrets of the scrolls to his advantage and fly trap absorption being the first, helped him go through the village without being persecuted, as much. Though, one thing that helped the best, was the mayfly technique. Using his skills and abilities, at the age of 8 learning all the jutsu the Hokage told him to, he made his way to the hokage building, having to show himself in public only partially. He made his way up to the office, the anbu strangely let him up, and when he got to the office the hokage was waiting for him.

"Good." The hokage said looking at a chart. "I see that you have progressed greatly." The hokage threw a headband into the air, Jasui caught it, what it was, was a headband for konoha. "Do to your skills I officially promote you to genin, though you will do missions by yourself, and be taught by your father, now retired as an anbu." The hokage was talking of his father who retired that year to teach teams, who had some free time to teach him. "Anyway thanks for putting the effort in, I know I can put my trust in you, and, in the future, who knows, maybe even you make end up being hokage." Though when Jasui heard this, he knew that was not his plan, his plan was to become an anbu captain like his father, and in the future, he learned that was going to come true.

So now, a genin, he did what the hokage told him, his father taught him and got Jasui to the point of using fire style jutsu. This did not really matter to Jasui, yes he was progressing, though he tended to focus more on his body, training himself to master his skills, take over the weirdness of the two opinions he had started experiencing at this age, and of course, even though his weird personality and overall monsterous look when his fly traps were not aborbed, he slowly progressed, going on missions and going up all the way to working with the genin on his father's team, always giving intel secretly, though gradually he met the group of genin, though that wasn't until Jasui started doing missions by himself up to D rank.

So over a years time after the previous year, at age 10 he was able to do B rank missions by himself, exhibiting chuunin rank abilities, he was sent to a team of a jounin sensei and two genin, making it so that he would be ready to face all that they thought of him, who cares if he was a little different right?

Wrong, even though he had better control of his personality, being able to share both opinions in his head and than talk, and having no visible flytrap extensions, he was still persecuted, the two genin immediatly thought of him as freak, which, in the jonin's test for all of them, a battle to see who was strongest, he proved that he was strongest, making use of his may fly techniques, his abilites with fire jutsu up to c rank, et cetera.

After a year with the team, being now 11, him and his team were on an = level now, not in ability, but in friendship, the all grew to understand Jasui, and were good friends. They now at this age, him 11, his teammates 13. were thought of as ready for the chuunin exams by their jonin sensei.

Chuunin Arc:
The team headed to the chuunin exams. They were told they were going to go there, training extra hard for the last month, Jasui himself, now age 11 had got down his fire jutsu, and perfected his academy and zetsu clan jutsu. So they made there way at the end of the month, walking up to the building in which they were meant to take the exam, Jasui using transformation jutsu as to not to scare the other kids, though, he knew later in the competition during the forest of death, in which he was told in advanced by his father of, his mosterous form would be good, considering he can't use his form during preliminaries, besides being black and white, he had to have his spikes in at all times as to not scare the opponents.

So they entered the exam room, being sent in by their sensei who met them at the door, he wished them good luck, and the team entered, ready to take the test, they went to there assigned seats, and Jasui immediatly noticed all the jonin observing them all around with clipboards, which got explained along with the rules and guidelines of the exam by the proctor.

The basic exam was to answer all the questions, if you cheat a certain amount of times, you loose, if you answer the questions all and correctly, you win. Though using both brains, he soon decifered the true meaning into the exams, using both his thoughts, he noticed going through all the variables that it was a strait out cheating exam, the goal was not to get caught, the number of times of cheating were proof of that, though he looked at the paper, all of these he had studied for, so he simply ignored the challenge, and wrote down all the answers, it took him a bit, though at the end of the exam they revealed the true nature, so he knew he was in good hands, his team all passed, and they moved onto the forest of death.

In the forest of death he used his skill to his absolute advantage, going out to his full out monster form when they went into the stadium a little ways in, than he used his mayfly technique, easily finding the scrolls, and stealing them, by one in secret, and two by frightening the others. He basically took 1 extra heaven scroll and two earth scrolls, giving them two sets in case they were ambushed, in which they were not the whole way, eventually making there way to the meeting place, in a normal transformation jutsu, human form.

Next came the battle rounds, no pre-liminaries do to the fact there was in total 2 teams that were to lazy and quit, 1 team that got seriously wounded and not able to continue, and a lot more teams who didn't get scrolls and or ran out of time. So they went straight in to final rounds. In the final rounds he appeared when they called him for the last battle training up to the point and used transformation, than mayfly to get into the stadium conisdering there was trees inside it, and trees outside the wall plus multiple sections of grass. So he made his way up and was face to face with the opponent, well a normal looking face on Jasui's part, though when he soon realized he was facing a sharingan wielder after the kid initiated it a minute into the match, he knew he had to level the playing field, so Jasui turned to his black and white form, he looked ready for a battle, even though some spectators were shocked, he didnt't care because he was sa strong shinobi no matter he looked like, so looking ready to fight and thats what he was exactly ready for, Jasui took a kunai from his pouch, even though he was facing a sharingan user, this user didn't know the true thought of the kunai, Jasui through the kunai, it skimmed across his face as the boy dodged it, Jasui ran quickley reaching a pit of grass and disappeared quickly, the boy had no idea where Jasui was, and of course that was a good thing.

Jasui appeared under the boy, taking a kunai and hit the kid in behind the right knee cap before the could react, this hurt the kid horribly as he screamed and fell to the ground, Jasui used this as a chance, as the boy fell, he sprang up, and pinned the kid down using all his kunai and attaching them to stick this kid to the ground by his clothes, than Jasui pulled rope out of his patch and tied him up, than Jasui hit the boy in the face with his hand, knocking him out, this, was an astonishment, how a Uchiha, was beaten by a kid that they thought would end up being a freak and not even put a scratch on the Uchiha, but he put more than a scratch as the kids sharingan left his eyes after passing out. Jasui won, and after all the matches, it was time for them to leave the chuunin exams. They left, and all the 10 kids that fought that day, two of them being his teamates, 7 of them had not made it to chuunin, after the whole team had been summoned to the hokage's chambers, with jonin at hand, they were all given Chuunin vests, and congratulated. They were all now chuunin, Jasui 11, and his teamates 13.

So from this point on, they tended to do higher rank missions, there sensei taught one of the each day in a pattern, Jasui, his male teammate, his female teammate, and him, all being taught seperately by there sensei, Jasui on his off days, trained with his father.

At the age of 12, his sensei had taught him all the Raiton jutsu he knew up to B rank, giving him Raiton, and Katon up to B rank, plus all his zetsu techniques up to B rank. His father had also taught him the fuunijutsu he knew, aswell as giving him a scrolls this gave Jasui up to B rank fuuinjutsu, all this took him a year as stated before.

So now a well respected Chuunin in the village, going out in public more in his black and white form as more started to respect him on a personal level. He was now better off in the village and all his preparation set him up for the rest of his life.

Anbu Arc:
One day during his daily trip to get some Ichiraku Ramen, he was stopped by a team of jonin. Two of them, which weren't really noticed do to the fact Jasui was taking the longer back road way for some more exercise. These anbu just basically handed a note as they dissapeared, this note was for recruiting Jasui into the anbu black ops, and for him to be in the hokage's presence immediately. Though Jasui had to think to himself, "Well even though it said immediately, I still shouldn't go on an empty stomach." So he hurried running, and soon he got to his destination, picked up a bowl of ramen, dropped the money and ate quickly, he ate and was immediatly full he left the bowl than left, and made his way to the hokage building. So he made his way to the building and headed up the stairs, he walked into the hokage's office in which he visited many times, he entered, and immediately noticed all of those around him, he was surrounded by anbu, the anbu captain to the right of the hokage, and the hokage stood up, his glasses slipping on the up on the top of his nose, though he put his finger on the middle and pushed them back up and then began to speak. "Jasui, do to the great progress, and great skills you have shown, we would like you to join the anbu black ops, we already know you don't need to be tested first because we have a deep feeling you are overqualified to be a trainee, so we want you as a full time anbu black op." The hokage took a breath and calmed, as the anbu captain spoke.

"We would like you Jasui to join anbu if you want to say it now, you probably know all about what we do for training and you could probably take it so there is no need for scaring you. So what do you say, yay or nay?"

Than Jasui let out the words that set him onto the path to do what he wanted to do for a long time, become anbu captain, but he has the chance now to be anbu and that would be good for now. "Of course yes." Jasui said, than the anbu spoke.

"Okay." The anbu than did multiple hand signs, "First you need your official tattoo." Than the anbu went up to Jasui, and placed a hand on him, when Jasui looked after a sharp pain, he noticed a anbu symbol on his arm, all he needed was the clothes and it would be official.

"One more thing, you can't leave without these." Than the anbu captain held out a set of anbu armor, and a mask, "Your new code name is Ookami/Wolf." "The mask belonged to your fathers who was keen with wolf summons, and I thought you would enjoy having the same mask as him."

So the anbu gave him the gear, handed him a noticed to start next week, and than, Jasui left with his uniform in hand, proud of his new accomplishment.

So Jasui over the next year from age 13 to 14 excelled in anbu spy missions even learning up to A rank jutsus in his specific areas, doing S rank missions, and other things of that sort, though he was seperated from his team much times and only really was with the now 16 year olds who were one jonin and one still chuunin, during missions where they needed the sucessful team that split apart, at certain times. He was doing good as a anbu, he had to do mostly spy missions and had his arm, and torso covered with bandages do to the fact he was half black and half white and missing the black half, and because of his mask over his face, they wouldnt be able to identify him.

Jonin Arc:
So now at the age of 14, he was promoted to jonin. Do to the fact Jasui had show good work in many aspects of being an anbu and his stressfulness on missions and his great effort in training further, and things such as that. He was appoiinted to the position of jonin one day when he had met up with the hokage for a monthly analysis of the progress, the hokage starting to gain more powerful glasses do to his eyes gradually getting worse, had told Jasui of the facts. How he was doing well on missions and as an anbu, and how he progressed to third in command of anbu, that he should be awarded the rank of jonin, without tests as his previous ranks (besides chuunin) he was basically handed the jacket and sent on his way. Jasui now a jonin of the village tended to wear his vest as many times as he could when he was off, he was proud of his accomplishment, and how much he was progressing in the years since he was put on the basic road during the first training day between him and his father when he was being taught about how to throw ninja tools correctly and such, and learning shadow clone jutsu. He laughed days thinking of that, and had fun thinking about it.

It was one day when he was 14 1/2 that him and his team had gotten togther, all jonin and all on there way to becoming well respected adults as shinobi, wanted to do an S class mission, they did this mission being sent out to deal with some missing-nin and as a basic spy mission, he ended up getting his nickname from the crazy calls of the missing-nin being sent to jail for life about how he was a ghost, hence gaining Jasui's name as Ghost of the hidden leaf, the missing-nin said this for his quite ways of sneaking up on people and how he could appear places easy with mayfly the jutsu he learned as it felt forever ago.

Anbu Captain Arc:
At age 16 now he was now known by most shinobi of the village, mastery S class techniques after countless trial and error during training, and he was also well known for his strategies and his spying techniques that were only prized by those of the anbu, and some levels of jonin that had saw him at his game. He was now being thought of as a great leader to among the anbu leading them on complex missions without any fear of anything that may happen during those missions. He was mostly praised by the hokage, whose eyesight always seemed to worsen even more, and the anbu captain.

The anbu captain had talks of retirement to a more filling career as a jonin team leader, and one day, him and Jasui had a one to one meeting. Jasui had gotten a note in a mail, and of course Jasui made his way to the meeting with the anbu captain, Jasui thought something wrong had happened do to the fact the anbu had the day off, but Jasui went to the meeting at the anbu's house.

As he made his way there he really wondered what the man wanted, and he knew he would soon find out when he noticed the house coming into view, so Jasui stepped through the door after knocking and hearing a response of come in. The anbu was at the table, and ready to talk to jasui.
"Come sit down Jasui." The anbu said, so Jasui walked, and sat down.
"What do you wish to talk about captain." Jasui said listening to the man.
"I wish for you to take over my position as ANBU captain Jasui..."
"but.." Jasui said cutting him off for a brief moment before the ANBU Captain continued talking. "I wish for you to take my position the hokage has already agreed, and I told him that you should take my position do to the fact I am retiring to a plain old jonin, and well you got spunk and you have leadership skills kid, if you don't replace me, I don't know anyone else who have equal skills to you that can be suitble for the position." The anbu took a breath and continued.
"So what do you say." The anbu captain said looking at Jasui.
"Of course yes!" Jasui said this with such enthusiasm, all of it built up after years of wishing to have this job just like his father had, his father a sensei now to three chuunin and his mother now fully retired, they would be super proud of him having tooken up the place his father could no longer fill.

"Well tomorrow you will start as ANBU captain officialy, and god speed, I will see you around the village Jasui." So Jasui left the man, now an S rank anbu captain, he told his parents immediatly, they were ectstatic, and both his emotions didn't have to be decided on one bit, they were both in unison, both sides, were screaming "YES!"

So he did his job as anbu captain and was one of the greatest leaders in all of konoha's history of the ANBU black ops. He lead the anbu to victory after victory for missions and lead in a well respected manner, even the hokage himself thought he was doing a great job, even though he was slowly loosing his eye sight, Jasui knew the hokage didn't need his eyes to sense Jasui's process, which of course was true, as stated earlier the hokage was happy with Jasui's performance.

Present Day Arc:
Presently, Jasui has a great life, he is now a 21 year old still a ANBU captain, in fact he even got to help elect the new hokage a year or two back, he was at one point thought of for the position, but he simply wavered it off do to the fact he was happy as he was as an ANBU captain and hoped to never let the job go. The new hokage when voted was basically seemed out of the blue, he focused too much on his work that he didn't hear much of the woman but when her name came up he researched her, and watched her, and that is what he did. He soon seemed to be obsessed when he saw her, he thought of the woman as his true love at first sight, he wanted to be with her, he wanted to love her, and it to be equal. So at the age of 19 he made his move, going to the woman in person one day when reporting to her, he did not wear his mask, he hoped she wouldn't be scared at what she saw, but it turned out she wasn't they spoke even though it was uncalled for, for a normal person to hit on a hokage, he was basically on equal level to her (besides he worked for her) He soon got to know her, and dated her, than eventually when he was 20 and she was 21 they were married, and still are happily married to this date. The rest of what his life will become, will be decided by fate, and what he does to change that fate.......

Rp Sample:
It was a day like any other day, the enclosed atmosphere was quiet, peaceful, the breeze brushing Jasui’s face softly, the time of the day made it possible for much sunlight to be able to illuminate the entire field in which he was sitting in. The place was an small old training ground outside of the lake. Jasui usually was fond of abandoned places like this where he would not be bothered by anyone or anything; he also loved this small particularly because this is where, when Jasui was younger, his jonin sensei would take them out to that particular field for training, meetings, and the first time for the team meeting, which he had some problem getting to there at that time. Jasui Chitaiga sat on the makeshift bench, it was simply constructed of a log lying on the ground outward from a tree, with his back towards the tree, and his legs laying down the length of the bench, a stack of books on the ground to the side of the log, and one of the books was in Jasui’s hands. The books were for the use of finding information about acid and its uses and affects on a wide range of things. Jasui’s purpose was to think up more innovative acid release techniques so that he can maintains his goals of becoming known throughout the ninja world, as a great, wise, and powerful shinobi, and be known for centuries to come.

So he pondered through his current book, “Acid’s within the Body.” This book was one of the first Jasui came to when he first started developing his jutsu so long ago when he first became a jonin, one of the jutsu’s he developed through this was the jutsu to take certain acid’s that made muscles function and such within the human body, rendering the body weak. This was now the book where he would find another idea for a jutsu he hoped.

He continued to read, as he looked through the chapter labled “Acid’s Use In Organs” something caught his eye, a small little page in the chapter labled “Digestive Acid Within The Stomach.” He read through the page, and had a series of findings.

“In the stomach located in the middle-bottom region of the torso, (See Diagram For More Information) makes and secretes an acid used to digest food, by breaking down, decomposing the food quickly, turning it into waste, for it to travel easier through the intestines and out of the body. Over eating or inducing through touching the back of the throat with someone’s own hand, can create an uneasy feeling in the stomach, causing the digesting food to be carried out through the throat, and dispelled from the mouth, the outcome is vomit, the vomit contains the digestive acid, and when traveled through the throat, burns the throat, too much vomiting can result in a shut down of the body for a short time.”

Jasui pondered all the information given through him in this book, and than took out a piece of paper and pen, he used another book for the use as a desk, and wrote thoughts onto the paper, and also thought to himself. “The main reason for which you vomit is a disruption of the acid in the stomach, maybe if I can create a jutsu to disrupt that someway, somehow, I’d be golden.” Than he thought of a way to fulfill this though. “Maybe if I build up acid on my hands, and hit a user, it would find a way into the users mouth, and down the throat, and disrupt the stomach violently, inducing vomiting, and leaving to a knocking out of an opponent” The acid he thought, “would have to have a way to not affect clothes or anything to make it’s way into the mouth and into the stomach without prier warning with the burning of the acid itself. “Jasui wrote all these noteds down and put it in his back pocket, he now had the first jutsu completely thought of thoroughly and would have to test it in his next battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Jasui [Anbu Captain] [CHECKAMOONDO!!! FINALLY DONE]   Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jasui [Anbu Captain] [CHECKAMOONDO!!! FINALLY DONE]   Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:59 pm

What Dead said and, you shouldn't have 'Zetsu' As your character's last name cause its the name of a cannon. You can say your of the Zetsu Clan, but it doesn't need to be your characters last name.
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PostSubject: Re: Jasui [Anbu Captain] [CHECKAMOONDO!!! FINALLY DONE]   Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:19 pm

Sorry I am getting to it now I had extended detention today and yesterday I had track. Also I explained in the clan all those that exhibit the characteristics usually classify themselves as Zetsu do to the fact that there isn't that many living at one time, though I can change it if you wish.
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Completion bump! xD
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I see, all the above things have been fixed, everything looks in order to me now.

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